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Year At A Glance- 2013 Accomplishments

Year at a Glance – Our Accomplishments

Our mission is to:  Reduce the number of adoptable animals euthanized at the county shelter and promote the humane treatment of animals through responsible pet ownership.

We paid for 886 spay/neuters (688 cats/198 dogs)

The CCAC TNR program trapped 112 free-roaming cats that were altered, vaccinated and returned where trapped.

We handle thousand of phone calls throughout the year

We pulled 356 dogs and 281 cats from the Catoosa County Shelter – Total of 637 lives saved.  The number we pulled accounted for 57% of the shelter’s adoptions.  We have made a genuine effort to pull more animals from the county shelter this past year.  The shelter’s total number of dogs adopted out was 717—of that number we pulled 356 which was 50% of their adoption number.  The shelter’s number of cats adopted was 218—of that number we pulled 179.  (We actually had a total of 281 once we included all the kittens from the pregnant cats that were pulled.)

All total for 2013 we adopted out 505 cats and 226 dogs (731 total); transferred 146 animals to other rescues.

Provided vet care for 997 foster animals and 131 owned animals.

Our goal for 2014 is to help as many as we possibly can.  

We received $23k in grants to spay/neuter animals; 10k from Best Friends; $3k from ASPCA and $10k from Two Mauds.

We received approx. $30k from sponsorship and donations.  The balance of our income is from adoptions and fundraising.

We hold adoption events @ PetSmart, Tractor Supply & WalMart.  Cats and kittens are available at all times @ PetSmart.  Our animals are fully vetted prior to adoption.  Our adoption fee for cats is $40 and $75 for dogs.

Our volunteers transport the animals to spay/neuter clinics; to other rescues, etc.  These trips are usually to Red Bank, Cleveland, Tn., Atlanta, Ga., and on occasion other areas in order to meet a transport or adopter.  This is done all through people volunteering their time and gas.  We had one volunteer transport 53 dogs/puppies to a rescue up North in December.

We hope to be able to continue to maintain our work at the level we did this past year—which our numbers have grown greatly from the previous year.  We need many more volunteers and funding in order to accomplish larger goals and have a greater impact.  We are doing all we do with very few active volunteers.  We plan to involve the schools in project/fundraisers.  This is a goal we are working on as a group.

We are planning a big concert fundraiser (all day event) on June 22, 2014 at the Davis farm.

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