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GEORGE REUNITED with family in Alabama!!!

sharpeiGeorgeBeforeGeorge at the shelter












George Before he was lost at his home.




George After he is reunited with his owner in Alabama!

George Reunited with Owner after 2 Years thanks to Dedicated Volunteers

George is a Shar-Pei/Pit-bull mix who disappeared from his owner’s home a week before Christmas in 2011.   Rusty Greesham, George’s owner, lives in Alabama, about two hours south of Ringgold, Georgia where George was found.  The Catoosa Citizens for Animal Care, a local rescue group, had received numerous messages and calls from concerned people who spotted George at local businesses and neighborhoods, but nobody was able to catch him.  George was on a mission, and stopping to socialize was not on the agenda.  We aren’t sure how George made the journey from Alabama to Georgia, but we do know how he found his way home, and his story is nothing short of a miracle.
On September 22, a Catoosa County Animal Shelter employee was finally able to catch George, and the volunteers with Catoosa Citizens for Animal Care immediately went to work trying to find a foster home.  Part of this process includes reaching out to breed specific rescue organizations to increase the chances of a dog being placed with a loving home.  George’s picture and information was emailed to a long list of folks including Mary Weeks who is with a Shar-Pei rescue in New York.  Mary was somehow able to remember the picture of Mr. Greesham’s lost Shar-Pei from nearly two years ago and sent a message letting him know that his dog might be in Catoosa County, Georgia.   He immediately made the trip to Ringgold to see if George had been found.  Upon seeing Mr. Greesham, the skittish dog immediately came to him and licked his hand.
When asked how things are going now that George is home, Mr. Greesham said, “I cannot explain how happy I am, and how thankful I am for your rescue, your shelter there, and the lady from NY who kept the offline scrapbook to make the connection. I’m thankful for his improving health, and that I am the one who gets to spend time with him now! I wish people really knew how much a dog really doesn’t look like the dog they had when he has been through a lot”.
George’s reunion with his owner would never have been possible if people didn’t volunteer their time, energy, and money to help CCAC make a difference in the lives of so many animals. Thanks to the dedicated rescue volunteers’ networking and determination, George and Rusty can now live happily ever after.
Catoosa Citizens for Animal Care is in need of volunteers and donations.  For more information, please visit or call 706-937-2287.


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