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Catoosa Citizens for Animal Care Receives Funding From Banfield Charitable Trust

The Catoosa Citizens for Animal Care is pleased to announce a recent grant from Banfield Charitable Trust to help provide basic veterinary care for financially-challenged companion pet owners and families.
Any pet owner who is in need of financial assistance will be required to complete an application and be able to demonstrate a real financial need to help care for a pet as well as proof of residency in Catoosa County. CCAC understands that the current economic climate is challenging for many families and wants to help those who need it most.   “We want to help people avoid having to surrender a pet because of financial issues. We must also take steps to ensure we are good stewards of the funds we have been awarded and the only way to do this is to screen each applicant,” said Sara DeBerry, president of CCAC.

While the Banfield grant does not cover assistance with the cost of spaying or neutering pets, CCAC can help owners find low cost clinics and provide certificates for low cost spay/neuter services when needed.  According to Sara DeBerry, “CCAC’s mission is to promote the humane treatment of animals through responsible pet ownership, and spaying and neutering your pet is one of the most important parts of being a responsible pet owner.”

Banfield Charitable Trust is a public charity focused on keeping pets and their people together. Assistance is delivered through a wide variety of programs, including pet-care assistance for hospice patients and homebound seniors, grant funding for community pet organizations, urgent and preventive care for pets in need, as well as undergraduate scholarships for pet‐related career training.

The Trust’s mission is to facilitate solutions so that no one must ever face the heartbreaking decision of having to surrender a pet.
If you are a resident of Catoosa County in need of financial assistance to help provide veterinary care for your pet or if you would like to learn more about the program, please contact the Catoosa Citizens for Animal Care at (706)937-2287 or click here to complete the application and e-mail to

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