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Happy Tails

March 2017

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Meet Bailey.

Bailey was adopted from CCAC in 2013. Bailey became the mascot of the small school where her forever mother, Jamie, taught at.  She had her own webpage and her own advice column in the school newsletter. We love happy endings, and we especially love getting updates!

Bailey’s mom is so happy to have her best friend that she wants to help other animals find their own home, and Bailey’s pack is going to help. Please check it out.

July 2016

Thanks to Pound Wishes for helping Buddy’s dream come true!


April 2014

Blue Tick

Jenny Aszman of American Black and Tan Coonhound Rescue took in Dixie from CCAC, a blue tick hound that Magin Wilson pulled from the Catoosa Shelter a few days before Christmas 2013. She sent the following story to us on the amazing changes in Dixie’s (renamed Blue Jean) life since she has come into their foster care and now found a wonderful home. The picture shows one of the happiest dogs ever! She was a very frightened she girl. She’s had a huge transformation and has now found her Doggy Happiness.

Cheri with ABTCR gave me your email at my request. I wanted to thank you for pulling the female Blue Tick (now named Blue Jean) out of the shelter last December, and holding her hoping she could come into rescue. She came to my house in early January as a foster, newly spayed. She was very scared still (as I am guessing she may have been with you,) and we figured out that she was mainly scared of men and loud noises. After a few weeks of routine at my house, she started to come around. It has been an amazing transformation since then!

She has taken very fondly to my black and tan dog and they love to run around and wrestle and play. She is now completely house trained (unless it’s raining!). She is on Prozac to help with her anxiety but I have dropped her to one pill every other day and hope to wean her by the end of this month. She was treated for low positive heartworms in late January and completely recovered. She is a cuddle bug and sleeps in the bed with me and is particularly sweet and loving at night and in the morning.

The great news is she was recently adopted by a woman in Florida and will go to her at the end of this month. She has another dog for Blue Jean to play with and she has experience working with dogs who are fearful of men. She works in a vet office and can even take her to work some days.

She is a very special dog. I suspect you may already know that 🙂 I am so glad to have crossed paths with her! I am so thankful that you pulled her when you did. I will always be thankful for you taking that leap of faith.

I’ve attached some photos that I took in my backyard last week. She is a happy happy happy hound these days!!

Jenny Aszman

October 2013-


George at the shelter





George After he is reunited with his owner in Alabama!

George Reunited with Owner after 2 Years thanks to Dedicated Volunteers

George is a Shar-Pei/Pit-bull mix who disappeared from his owner’s home a week before Christmas in 2011.   Rusty Greesham, George’s owner, lives in Alabama, about two hours south of Ringgold, Georgia where George was found.  The Catoosa Citizens for Animal Care, a local rescue group, had received numerous messages and calls from concerned people who spotted George at local businesses and neighborhoods, but nobody was able to catch him.  George was on a mission, and stopping to socialize was not on the agenda.  We aren’t sure how George made the journey from Alabama to Georgia, but we do know how he found his way home, and his story is nothing short of a miracle.
On September 22, a Catoosa County Animal Shelter employee was finally able to catch George, and the volunteers with Catoosa Citizens for Animal Care immediately went to work trying to find a foster home.  Part of this process includes reaching out to breed specific rescue organizations to increase the chances of a dog being placed with a loving home.  George’s picture and information was emailed to a long list of folks including Mary Weeks who is with a Shar-Pei rescue in New York.  Mary was somehow able to remember the picture of Mr. Greesham’s lost Shar-Pei from nearly two years ago and sent a message letting him know that his dog might be in Catoosa County, Georgia.   He immediately made the trip to Ringgold to see if George had been found.  Upon seeing Mr. Greesham, the skittish dog immediately came to him and licked his hand.
When asked how things are going now that George is home, Mr. Greesham said, “I cannot explain how happy I am, and how thankful I am for your rescue, your shelter there, and the lady from NY who kept the offline scrapbook to make the connection. I’m thankful for his improving health, and that I am the one who gets to spend time with him now! I wish people really knew how much a dog really doesn’t look like the dog they had when he has been through a lot”.
George’s reunion with his owner would never have been possible if people didn’t volunteer their time, energy, and money to help CCAC make a difference in the lives of so many animals. Thanks to the dedicated rescue volunteers’ networking and determination, George and Rusty can now live happily ever after.
Catoosa Citizens for Animal Care is in need of volunteers and donations.  For more information, please visit or call 706-937-2287.


I got one of your e-mails about Bruno needing to be adopted. He was living in the car auction facility next to Boyd Speedway. Animal control was scheduled to pick him up and after seeing him, we knew they would not keep him one day given the condition he was in. The second picture is Louie (formerly Bruno) now. Eye surgery was needed because his immune system was so poor that he was getting spontaneous ulcers that would have led to scarring and blindness. They needed to go in and ‘scrape’ the ulcers so that they would heal.  After the surgery he had to wear a cone and get several different ointments daily. We had him treated for heartworms once he was cleared by the ophthalmologist and he is now 9 weeks after his last treatment. Three more weeks and he will be off restricted activity.  He is doing great and he has become a great part of our family.  Thanks for all you do, Marsha

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