Catoosa Citizens for Animal Care

Veterinarian Assistance

We provide assistance with vet care costs when possible in an effort  to keep animals in their homes and in emergency situations.   We do not provide assistance for anything that is not medically necessary or that we consider inhumane.  Our goal is to keep owners from surrendering and abandoning animals when they cannot afford their vet care.   Our program is for people in financial need–elderly, disabled, low-income, job loss situations, etc.  Owners can apply for Care Credit at the vet office.  If you are turned down for that credit, then you qualify for our help.  We are limited in our funding per household, but if you qualify, we will do what we can to get your animal treated and able to stay in your home.  Please look at the questionnaire to determine if you qualify and e-mail or call us.

CCAC Assistance Questionaire