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2015 Accomplishments

Year at a Glance 2015 – Accomplishments

Catoosa Citizens for Animal Care


We are very pleased to provide you with a brief summary of our activities in 2015.  In spite of challenges we encounter on a daily basis, we fully believe that we make a difference in the lives of animals, and the overall quality of our community.


Our mission is to reduce the number of adoptable animals euthanized at the county shelter and promote the humane treatment of animals through responsible pet ownership.  As we work to carry out this mission we were successful in accomplishing the following:


Activity Dogs Cats Total
Animals Adopted Out 48 235 283
Animals Spayed/Neutered 92 371 463
TNR Cats (altered, vaccinated and returned where trapped)    




Vet Care for Foster Animals     505
Vet Care for Owned Animals     102
Animals pulled from Catoosa County Shelter resulting in lives saved  






Animals transferred to rescues 485   39 524



We understand that there are far too many animals that never find a home, live in abusive or neglectful situations, or are euthanized because a permanent or foster home cannot be found for them.  We are dedicated to constantly improving those numbers and here are some of the ways to accomplish this mission;


  • The number of dogs adopted out is due to the fact that our dog program has become more of a “rescue” in that we are pulling more from the shelter and transferring to other rescues, providing basic vet care prior to transport.  This number has increased to 524 from the previous year of 474.  We have started a partnership with Humane Educational Society to take shelter dogs to them for transport on Rescue Waggin.  Also, this past year we partnered with the ASPCA in their “Nancy Silverman” project to transfer dogs & cats on their transport van to the Atlanta Humane Society.  We continue to transport animals, as needed, to spay/neuter clinics; to adopters; and to other rescue organizations that have a significant demand for adoptable animals.  This includes Red Bank, Cleveland, Tennessee; Dalton, GA, Atlanta, GA; and occasionally, locations in the north.  All of this is possible because of generous volunteers donating their time and gas costs.


  • Continue to hold adoption events at PetSense (cats). Our animals are fully vetted prior to adoption.  To help cover those costs, our adoption fees include $50 for cats and $100 for dogs.


  • Continue our Help Line where thousands of calls are logged each year with questions about everything imaginable including spay/neuter, financial assistance for medical care, pet surrender, abuse reporting, etc.


  • Continue to work closely with Catoosa County Shelter and pull as many animals as possible. Doing this, we saved 364 lives and accounted for 50% of the shelter’s total adoptions.


We were able to accomplish this, and more, through the selfless hard work and dedication of our volunteers and through the generous grants, donations, sponsorships of our supporters; adoption fees and fundraising events. Our total income for 2015 was $57,954 and total expense totaled $54,675.  Income includes $12,500 in grants from Petco and the Georgia Dept. of Agriculture to spay/neuter animals; approximately $6,000 in sponsorships; $25,406 in donations;  $6,345 in adoption fees; $4,749 in fundraising; and $2,976 in miscellaneous.


As we look toward 2016, we are filled with gratitude for our many caring volunteers, sponsors, donors and supporters.  Possibilities are opening as we look forward to the opening of Petco in the spring.  We hope YOU will get on board to help impact the lives of as many animals as possible.  It will enrich your life!


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