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Georgia Department of Agriculture Grant

Georgia Department of Agriculture Grant

Georgia Department of Agriculture Commissioner Gary W. Black has announced the issuance of $200,500 in grants to assist with spay and neuter Georgia’s companion animals. Forty-one state licensed animal shelters and animal rescue organizations were awarded the grants, 14 of those are in the Atlanta area and were formally recognized during a ceremony on Thursday, September 10, 2015, at the Atlanta State Farmers Market in Forest Park. (Photo attached)

Catoosa Citizens for Animal Care, Inc. was one of the recipients of this generous grant in the amount of $7,500. The photo from l-r includes Mark Murrah, Manager of Companion Animal Division with the Georgia Department of Agriculture, Judy Horton, Foster for CCAC, Nancy Frye, past Treasurer of CCAC, and Gary W. Black, Agriculture Commissioner with the Georgia Department of Agriculture.

This grant will allow CCAC to help prevent pet overpopulation by paying a portion of reduced spay/neuter costs to local Georgia veterinarians who work with the group. The program is for people in need of financial assistance and shelter animals. If you would like information in regard to the details of assistance with having your animals spayed or neutered, call our help line @ 706-937-2287–line 1.

CCAC’s mission is to: Reduce the number of adoptable animals euthanized at the county shelter and promote the humane treatment of animals through responsible pet ownership.

“Often local communities have citizens that are burdened by the high costs of having their pets spayed or neutered,” Commissioner Black said. “This grant will target and aid these communities across Georgia by keeping strays off the street and controlling the animal population in a humane manner.”

This is the second set of grants to be issued through the Dog and Cat Sterilization Program which is funded by the purchase of the Dog and Cat Sterilization Auto Tag, as well as by direct tax deductible donations to the program. Since the inception of the program it has been utilized to sexually alter over 100,000 companion animals.

Grants range from $2000-$7500 each and were awarded based on the highest priority after considering factors such as targeting of important animal populations, ability to increase surgery numbers, cost-benefit ration, record of grant applicant and sustainability, among others.

For a complete list of the grant recipients visit or call 404.656.4914.

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